With charm and character

Fashion for your walls with charm and character

Sale and installation of decorative wallpapers

Our company provides everything necessary for decorating your outdoor and indoor spaces, giving them a new life and improving your wellbeing, while inspiring you and your guests. Our biggest advantages are our 32 years of experience, expertise and understanding of latest trends, which reflect in our professional consulting services, wide and diverse selection, independent performance, quick response and flexibility.

Want new and high-fashioned walls? Versace and “da hause”.

Sale of wallpapers

We have stores in Ptuj, where you can find over 10,000 different wallpapers. Our staff will also help you with professional advice.

Services and installation

We have 32 years of experience, and we perform all the work independently at the desired location. Fast and high-quality services tailored to customer’s wishes. We tailor the result to the customer and the space.

Tradition and art

We find inspiration in tradition and art, charm of the past, homey atmosphere, and the desired imitation. Poetry and art in your favorite space.

Product mix

Everything for your home and office

Are you looking to create a homely and cozy atmosphere with wood imitation, or add a spark to your wine cellar with a unique stone imitation? Do you want to add some glamor to you bathroom with a granite look or tell the room’s story in a mural? Do you want to give a warm tropical feel to your space or perhaps gift your friends a sensual sculpture for their empty hallway?

  • Decorative wallpapers, structure and ornamental, etc.
  • Decorative molding
  • Floor coverings
  • Decorations and art
  • Tiles with special effects, gold leaf (Eytzinger products)