Wall techniques

Artistic paintings

Embellish the appearance of your wall, ceiling or any other surface with extraordinary paintings, illusional effects and sensual presentations. Paintings can tell a story, they can fascinate you with their colours and motives as well as wake a feeling of nostalgia, longing, tenderness and drama in you. In no way it will leave you indifferent though. What if you would colour your ceiling with motives, which never cease to touch you?

Illusion painting Trompe l’oeil

Imagine a wall with a painted balcony with a view of a beautiful landscape which creates the illusion of a real balcony and true nature. Trompe l’oeil painting is the unique solution for your home, wellness or swimming pool! You can chose windows, doors and even carpets with illusion paintings on. We will create an illusion of marble floor with reliefs and will use therefore old and proven methods of painting.

Fresco and Secco painting

We offer fresco painting on wet or dry plaster. The work process and technique are different, but the end result is the same. Churches, gala halls, special rooms in hotels, palaces, castles…  our frescoes are decorating many buildings and rooms. Treat yourself with something beautiful.

Unique artistic paintings

Are you thinking about a special painting, which you would like to hang on the wall in your living room, office, restaurant or hotel? Academy trained painters of fine arts are creating custom paintings especially for you. If you did not chose a motive and style so far, we can help you with it.

Fresco Master System

Frescography is a special technique for creating the effect of frescoes from original pictures with the help of computer processing. Such paintings can be up to four times cheaper than original frescoes, although the effect is almost the same. In a single hour we can make a unique design composition for you on the computer. We can print it and apply it on a very robust canvas, which is especially suitable for swimming pools, showers, bathrooms and other rooms.

Ornament paintings

The world of ornaments with its rich history and refined feeling of mixed cultures is creating an endless concept, which is extraordinary in every way.

Modern painting

For art lovers we bring together design, colour and character. To design a place with unique artistic pictures in modern or abstract style brings a lot of joy. A picture influences the atmosphere of a whole room and gives its decorative character.


We have vast experience in restoration of cultural heritage buildings, antique doors, stony portals, figures, furniture, churches, palaces and castles. Do you want to renovate an old building or an individual unit of furniture? Arhitekt Dekor has a team of qualified restoration specialist with long term experiences.

Statue and relief restoration

Art and the finesse of production led to the perfection of element renovation, keeping their charm and mysticism throughout centuries.

Furniture restoration

They interpret immortal and precise the period of their origin and give a personal touch to the room.

Sacral object restoration

With an astonishing architecture and our precise feeling we emphasize architectural elements of churches and chapels and evoke their unique decoration from the past.

Cultural heritage buildings restoration

Walls, architectural details, colours and patterns full of history should come to life in style and in a new form. Let the colours and history rich patterns come to life in a new appearance!


Did gold ever seduce you? The gold colour will enthuse, astonish, surprise you. By applying gold and silver leaf on different surfaces we can achieve extraordinary effects. Are you thinking about a golden or silver wall? Are you considering the gilding of an inscription, monument, relief or figure? What about gilding a fireplace, mirror or light?


With a hint of imagination we embellish the architectural detail and emphasize its originality, speciality, elegance and luxury.

Poliment gilding

For attentive details with a personal touch which attract looks and your attention, rouse your imagination or address you in any other way.


For those who strive after thoughtfully designed unique series with a touch of glamour.

Blattmetall-metal look

The creative and modern way of surface renovation addresses people who prefer simple designs, quality production and purified aesthetics in their rooms.

Creative oxidation effects

We process the surfaces of furniture, walls, frames… with oxidation and patination into original rust, cooper and bronze. Antique patina with modern colourful pigments creates unique decorative surfaces with character and timeless appearance.

Rusty look

With rust imitation we can create optical characteristics of real rust. Statues, mouldings, doors and architectural elements can be transferred into unique objects with special charm.

Metal look

The use of modern technology enables us to combine pigments and chemical additives with which we can create a unique atmosphere of a modern metal look. You can choose between  a whole range of colours.

Copper oxidation

With the use of the most recent techniques we combine pigment and chemical additions to achieve a unique metal look of details.


Ambient with an antique and used look are becoming more and more popular. With patination we can achieve exactly that. We are using the old, original restoration method of patination as well as modern imitations, giving special effects and original charm to the furniture.

The art of imitation

With wood imitation you can give a cold iron door frame a warm wooden look. A marble imitation can replace unattractive plastic surfaces or worn out wooden surfaces. Granite imitation can embellish a bathroom, whirlpool or furniture. A stone look can transform your wine cellar, corridors in a three dimensional form. The colour of wood, the shine of marble, the strength of granite and uniqueness of stone will impress your clients, friends and others with a strong feeling of comfort and luxury.

Imitation of marble

Marble imitation brings a new life to the unattractive plastics material surface or worn out wood. A marble staircase or wardrobe with a marble imitation – the difference is invisible to the naked eye.  Provide your surface with a feeling of comfort and luxury.

Stucco marble- Scagliola

Manufacture of marble surfaces, which look the same as real marble. It can be used for columns, walls, altars and furniture. It creates products with an extraordinary elegance and charm of tradition.

Imitation of granite

Granite can embellish your bathroom, whirlpool and kitchen surfaces. You can chose from an unlimited range of granite colours.

Wood imitation

With wood imitation we can give a cold iron door frame a warm wooden look. The plastic surface provides the same look as a wooden one. Would the walls of your wine cellar express a wooden look? We are happy to advise you.

Stone imitation

With the stone imitation and illusion stone painting of objects, ornaments and stucco profiles, we can provide endless decoration possibilities in the inside as well as outside of any architecture.

3D stone

With the 3-D stone imitation we can create the look of original stone, each cubic meter looks unique. Adjusted to your wishes, manually designed and painted. Let the uniqueness of the stone on your fireplace, wall surface or wine cellar fascinate your clients and friends.

Beton effect

Art glass

With a processed and artistic decorated glass your room can gain a modern and unique look. For an even greater impression of luxury the ceiling can be transformed into a diamond imitation and with the help of artificial light we can create a wonderful, luxury ambience.

Sanded glass

Think about the beautiful decorations with which artists used to decorate glass. They evoke the memory of the past and the longing for old. With decorative sanding we can decorate the door entrance at a hotel or restaurant, we can embellish glass surfaces on doors or windows, with skilled decorations we can completely change the image of your furniture.

Art glass in the room

Imagine a ceiling or floor made of glass. Think about beautiful decorative glass for mirrors, columns or individual elements of your room. You can choose between various glass forms, round, cubic or Swarowski glass.

Unique Ice furniture collection

Do you like the modern, creative design? We have a surprise for you! Your room can become an ice ambience! Mirrors, lights, walls, tables and columns are surrounded with special plates, which imitate ice and frost. Imagine all the enthusiastic costumers, who will enjoy the ice ambience and at the same time feel the warmth of the place.

Surface processing

With a special process and different techniques, the walls of a room or ceiling can get a completely different look – as you request! That way the environment can receive a Tuscan look, the image of Greek natural walls or antique Italian plaster. Your walls can get an antique or modern look. Let the wall create the ambience, with depth, warmth and personality which will astonish you and your clients!

Stucco Veneziano

Fresco Veneziano

With the help of special ways of wall, ceiling and furniture processing techniques of polishing we can achieve the look of original Venetian walls. The unique characteristic and shine of marble and the light depth create the same impression as of original marble. The surfaces give a beautiful look of a high shine of polished marble and an intensive play of colours with fine colourful casts. For exclusive rooms with a rich appearance we offer a fine structure in golden, silver and bronze metal shine.

Antique look

Greek natural walls or old antique Italian ambient, surface structures, old plaster techniques, lazur techniques, natural materials, warm colourful casts – your walls can represent the old or the modern look. Let your walls create the atmosphere, which will embrace you and your guests with depth, warmth and personality.

The animal skin look

Are you enthusiastic about the tropics? In Arhitekt Dekor we offer the animal skin look, we use different materials for walls, ceilings and furniture to create a warm, hot personality for the room. The walls can express a textured look – that way the room is brought to life, is full of energy and load with nature,


Decorative stuccos can take you to the modern age, gothic or the baroque period, in the time of luxury, where each detail is the result of a thoughtful, careful and precise processing.

Individual stuccos, decorative profiles

The masters of stucco in the company Arhitekt Dekor can transfer your facade or inner rooms, even the smallest details, from gloomy and cold into a vivid and luxurious ambient which leaves a strong classic, historic and modern impression. The product range includes rosettes, decor elements, pilasters, capitals, consoles, fireplace elements, ornaments elements. With the use of special light effects we create an astonishing image of an ambient!

Unique reliefs

We create unique reliefs from alabaster and modern robust materials. The special effects and 3D designs are especially suitable for the interior furnishing. Our every product is unique and we use the various techniques and styles while creating them and can upon request also upgrade them with lighting.

Wall relief

Are you considering enriching your garden, living room or entrance hall with a relief? We create reliefs to order and follow your wishes and needs in the process.

Decorative articles

We will enthuse you with our wonderful collection of unique decorative products, such as frames for pictures, reliefs, mirrors, decor elements etc., which will find the right spot in your home. You can choose between the clean minimalist lines or old rustic look. Beautiful decorative elements for everyone.


If you like mosaics or if you think a mosaic would fit perfect in your room, we can help you! Gilded and silvered, mosaics of different sizes and motives. We can create a mosaic from stucco materials, ceramics or glass, with desired motives!


The decorative look of the walls gives an elegant and extravagant look to the room, which cannot be left unnoticed.          

Manually painted wallpapers

The unique, manually painted modern work gives the room an individual recognisability. We use our knowledge to research various processing techniques, which we include, in an original way, into new unique products. Paintings, which consist of various materials, colour combinations, combinations of new and old, complete the original image of the room. For lovers of unique artistic manual production.

Exclusive wallpapers

Our catalogues include different style and manufacturer wallpapers. You will sure find the one you are searching for, for the walls of your room. You can choose between modern, vintage and classic styles. Available are also photo wallpapers. We also ensure professional wallpaper laying, consisting of complex materials and designs.

Wallpapers of famous manufacturer

We cooperate with top manufacturers around the world, who are setting trends in this area.

Composing architectural decorative plans

Creation of architectural decorative designs, where art and elegance reside. Designing is connected with architecture, a harmonious entirety, excellent quality and combination of multinational art. We can offer every project to our clients, since we are capable to satisfy their wishes and needs.

Designing the room

Freedom in design, inspiration, experience, love for art, professional knowledge, the highest quality level, but most of all the sense of refined urban lifestyle – the depiction of a perfect room is created. 

Designing the exterior look

It reflects the personality of an individual, it is always in harmony with his memories, past and character, it opens the view and marks the architecture and without any doubt ensures a pleasant adventure. The balance between architecture and the design idea is important.