“Wall art” fashion show

Toni Hamler is the idea leader of the largest fashion show of clothes made of wallpaper – WALL ART FASHION SHOW. Collections of clothes were made from the wallpaper of famous designers such as Versace, Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Fazowski and specifically for this purpose developed wall and surface techniques, applied to neutral wallpaper “fleece wallpaper”.

Photo: Vesmin Kajtazović, DELO

With this fashion show, we brought a lot of glamour to Ptuj again. The event took place under the celling of the renovated Dominican Monastery, in which Slovenian beauties, which were the most successful in Slovenian competitions for Miss Slovenia, wore wonderful creations made of prestigious wallpapers. The fashion models who wore the clothes were Daša Podržaj, Suzana Višnič, Suzane Demir, Marisa Višnič, Katja Vrbnjak, Inja Zalta, Laura Škvorc, Sara Zemljič, Anja Zamida, Maja Gotič and Patricija Peklara. The moderator of the fashion show was Jerneja Podbevsek Zhembrovsky.

With this fashion show, we decided to step out of the frames of our work and showed that wallpapers can be much more than just some part of our houses. And the idea of a fashion show was born on which models would wear creations from decorative wallpapers. The beauties who are used to various fashion challenges were positively surprised by the creations. We impressed the audience with the idea of how imaginative we are if we see something more in an object than just what it represents. Thus, we moved this innovative idea into the Dominican Monastery, where the creations merged with walls and arches.

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