Toni HAMLER, German master of decor, academic painter and restorator and artist of decor in architecture was born on April 4, 1970 in Germany. He moved to Ptuj, the oldest and most beautiful town in Slovenia, the town which celebrates 1950th anniversary of first written evidence,15 years ago. He has been attracted by outstanding view of the town, reach cultural, historical and natural heritage, thousands of years of vine in culinary tradition and kind people. Ptuj is becoming more and more famous as a festival town in Europe and the rest of the world as an organizer of the greatest carnival festival in middle Europe Kurentovanje, music festival Arsana, festival of modern art ArtStays, festival Days of Poetry and Vine and the oldest festival of folk music in Slovenia.

In 32 years of individual praxis he got numerous professional and artistic references in Slovenia and Europe. He signed unique interiors of castles and residences all around Europe. He is especially proud of equipment of the yacht Anastasia and plane Millennium. The best references are 3000 satisfied customers in Slovenia and Europe. He is also known as the author of wall paintings and frescoes in many wellknown residences in Europe.

He always wants to be unique in his work, always uses the best materials which is the basic condition for the highest quality. That is why he develops new coat materials and techniques for decor surfaces, interior, walls and ceiling.
Toni Hamler is a prestigious Master of Interior in Slovenia and Europe.

Majda Gozdnik

Our team

Team HAMLER Fashion for walls – has enriched their Know-How through the years at many international schools and educational institutions as well as with decades-long experiences.

Today, 32 years after establishment, the main head office is situated in Slovenia; however we have contact addresses in many countries for the reason to be close with our customers all over Europe and to ensure them our best service.

Many companies, hotels, wellness centres, bars, owners of flats, residences, yachts and planes have experienced our knowledge and talent. These people have widely opened their doors to enable our team to inspire internal and external room architecture with new life and to create special ambience which corresponded to customer’s wishes and imaginations.

The characteristics of our work are refined and sensitive use of various techniques and styles of decoration, paintings, stuccos, restorations, imitations, gildings and illusion paintings. Diverse selection of techniques and styles gives an opportunity to our team for unique improvisations and illusions which will impress everybody and create the treasure of history, beauty and art.