From idea to ambience in 3. steps

We use the techniques of old-school masters to create an ambience with its own face and its own character, whether is it a flat, a house, a hotel, a wellness centre, a catering establishment, a palace, a castle or any other place where you wish to develop unique style.


Helping with ideas and advice …

Together we can create an idea for ambience which would suit your wishes and requests the most. 32 years of experiences regarding to work all over Europe in cooperation with wellknown artists allow us to give you a piece of advice about the most suitable style and technique used for the right effect of decoration.


Producing the design …

When we already have an idea, we discuss about it and produce technical design. With the help of drawing board and sketches we create visual image of ambiance’s final design. The use of technique depends on area while the final price depends on your financial capacity


… and performing …

We carry out the whole project, from the beginning to the end. Our superiorities are design, use of natural materials and use of decoration techniques (from artistic to the most modern ones) which can be achieved only by supreme and experienced artists. We cooperate with worldwide known designers and architects who create trends on the field of art and architectural decoration.

The ambience will revive right in front of your eyes, take your breath away and might change your lifestyle forever.